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Elder Law, Nursing Home Planning & Asset Protection

Unfortunately, you may have a family member who requires or will require nursing home care.  It is important to discuss your options prior to placing a family member in a nursing home.  We are here to assist you in the process, and do not want our clients to deal with the State alone.  We understand that you have worked hard, saved your money, and do not want to lose it all to the nursing home.   You want your family to receive your hard earned money  -  not the State of Illinois!    We work for our clients and will only do what is legal, but our goal is to preserve our client’s assets.   Even if a loved one is already in a nursing home, we can help save your family money.



This office has extensive experience in handling Guardianships for disabled adults and minors.  We also frequently handle contested guardianships.  

Real Estate

Whether buying or selling a house, a farm, or a business, this office has the experienced attorneys to assist you in the transaction.

Business Organizations & Planning

Every business is different.  For some a sole proprietorship or partnership is enough.  Others need a corporation or LLC.  We are experienced in succession planning as well and are here to advise your business and your family.  

Estate & Trust Administration

Whether it is administering an Estate or Trust, our expert staff is ready to serve you.  We will first determine what has to be done and the simplest approach to settle the Estate.  If you are the Executor or Trustee, we will guide you through the settling of the Estate including determining and collecting the assets, establishment of the necessary accounts, payment of expenses, ascertaining the validity of claims, filing of the required tax returns, and preparation of accountings as may be necessary.  If it becomes necessary to litigate any issues within the settlement of the estate or trust, we are experienced in estate and trust litigation as well.  


Wills & Trusts

Whether you want a will or a trust,  we are ready to help you carry out your intentions.  We understand that everyone’s situation is unique.  Many want a trust today for various reasons such as avoiding probate, and others a will.   Young couples need to provide for minor children in the event of their deaths.  Individuals with larger Estates  may be concerned about taxes and ways to avoid or reduce them at death.  Others may want to provide for friends or their favorite charities at death.   If you do not have a will or trust spelling out how you want you assets distributed at death, the State of Illinois will make that decision for you!  It is our job to be sure that your intentions are carried out.


Powers of Attorney

Almost all of our clients as a part of their Estate Plans do Health Care and Property Powers of Attorney.  If you become disabled and have not done these documents, then the Courts could become involved in the management of your assets and decisions in regard to your care.   With a Property Power of Attorney you can name someone to manage you assets if you are disabled, and with a Health Care Power of Attorney you can name someone to make your health care decisions if you are not able to make them.   Once the Courts are involved, it becomes very expensive and often your intensions are not carried out.